Why Start with FUN 😃

Let’s start with fun.

None of my boys were early swimmers. Blame it on their parents 🙋🏻‍♂️. We just didn’t get them in the water early and often enough.

When we finally did have some instruction for them, it was too far and few between to allow for significant progress. Each lesson was mostly about overcoming their fear of the water all over again.

We didn’t put them in floaties or water wings either because, well, we wanted them to learn how to swim.

But after so much pushing, prodding and challenging and fighting and crying – we thought, “Let’s try this another way.”

We stopped trying to make them swimmers and just wanted them to have some fun. So we strapped on the floaties, and let them jump in.

There was still some initial apprehension, but you know what? They had fun.

Fun got them going. Fun helped them get over their fear. Fun even pushed them to push themselves. After a few times in floaties, they were out of those things, and swimming.

Turns out, we like a challenge. But sometime, some fun is the catalyst we need to make the jump.

I know everyday isn’t fun. I know we often have to do things that aren’t fun. And I know nothing is fun all the time. But I also know that finding a way to enjoy what we do can push us to where we’re all called to be…in the deep end.

Watch Dom show us how it’s done! 😄

Have some fun today!


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