Achieving Individual + Team Success

When one man scores, the whole team scores.

This is from the new movie, “Rise”. It’s based on the real life story of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his family. My sons loved it because the “Greek Freak” is their favorite basketball player. I loved it because of how it depicts family – the bond of four brothers, the strength and sacrifice of the parents, the faith they had through adversity, the work ethic needed to achieve dreams – I may have been in tears the final 30 minutes of the film 😅.

Giannis and his older brother, Thanasis, once shared one pair of basketball shoes…Now, Giannis has his own signature shoe with Nike. Incredible. 

When one man scores, the whole team scores.

In a family, on a team, or within a company – the idea that when one of us experiences success, we all experience success is a beautiful thought. And of course we celebrate our teammates’ successes, right? In my experience, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Everything’s a competition. If you achieve something, then the opportunity has already passed me by. If my teammate starts, then I’m relegated to the bench. If he takes the shot, then I don’t get mine. If my colleague gets the promotion, then I’m stuck. If she gets the sale, then I’m out of luck. And sibling rivalries, they’re as old as time (Cain and Abel). If another child is added to the family, then that’s just less for me. 

I’m all for competition, but let’s not confuse insecurity and jealousy and limited thinking as competing. That’s a recipe for a miserable life. 

I heard a pastor contrast scarcity from abundance. He said, Scarcity competes, abundance collaborates. Scarcity is stingy, abundance is generous. Scarcity is suspicious, abundance believes the best. Scarcity is closed, abundance is open. Scarcity never has enough. Abundance is content. 

As the father of three (and soon-to-be four) boys, I often think about how I can develop a willingness to sacrifice, and a joy for each others’ victories, and an overall spirit of abundance.

When you score, I score. When I score, you score. 
When one man scores, the whole team scores. 

It’s a simple slogan, but it is counter-cultural. We > Me. I’d bet any of the teams we’re a part of would benefit from this mindset.

Let’s go. I’m cheering for you!

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