You Are an Influencer…

I’m an influencer.

And so are you.

I know…The word evokes the idea of perfectly filtered and photoshopped images of cheesy or staged posts on social media. #lame

But I’m not talking about social media or your number of followers. I’m not talking about the particular position or title or credentials or clout you possess. 

I’m talking about the fact that YOU impact the room you’re in and the teams you’re on. You influence whether you’re C-Suite or intern. Whether you know it or not, you’re an influencer.

In college, I had a good buddy walk-on to the team at Illinois. He didn’t start, and I doubt he ever appeared on any opposing team’s scouting report. He never scored a bucket that affected the outcome of the game. I’m not sure if he ever played one “meaningful” minute…but he had a big impact on the success of our team. Everyday – he brought energy, a positive attitude, and an encouraging voice. Every practice – he competed. We were better because of him. Bottom line – his influence in the locker room, on the practice court, and on the bench helped us win games. 

I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I question if what I’m doing matters. Or, I believe it’ll only be meaningful once I hit a certain level. Others have more followers, more money, and more prominence, and therefore, more impact. I think – only when 100,000 people read these newsletters, then it’ll be significant. Or, when my bank account has one more comma, then what I give will make a difference. Or, when I’m able to broadcast the marquee game, then I’ll have the audience I desire. It can feel like so few care about what I’m doing today. Heck, my kids aren’t even responding how I’d like! So much for influence, right?

Lies. Those are all lies. 

The truth is, every individual plays a pivotal role. Every word said, expression given, and interaction lived matters. Everyone of us influences — either positively or negatively (no interaction is completely neutral). 

Your temperament is more important than your title. Your attitude is more influential than your accomplishments. Your purpose isn’t defined by your position. 

I need this reminder! I hope it’s encouraging to you. Your presence in a room will influence the room in one way or another. Steward that influence for good.

John Maxwell says, “Leadership is influence.” You are a leader. #notitleneeded  You are an influencer. #nofilterneeded

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