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It’s time for a slight refresh to this newsletter for a couple reasons. 
First, there are many new subscribers (Thank you!). 
Second, I’m further removed from playing pro ball (almost 4 years), and I’m gaining greater insight into the next chapter. 
I’m transferring lessons from the court to life in this new season, and this newsletter will still relate sports to life, but it’s maturing…

“Transition Game.” It’s fitting. It’s fitting for me, and I’d bet also for you. Hopefully, we’ll always be in a state of transition to becoming made new.

It’s only right if I start with who I am, what’s most important in my life, and how I’m transitioning right now. 

Here’s what my social media profile (no business card needed) says: Believer – Husband – Father – Business Development – Basketball Analyst – Speaker & Writer

That probably isn’t the best way to build my brand online. I’ve heard some experts say to write one sentence communicating the value you offer the world — not a bad idea! Maybe I’ll do that at some point, but for now, that string of words sums up what I’m all about. 

#1 is my faith. #2 is my family. #3 is my career and then other interests and passions. I can easily list out my priorities…but it isn’t so easy to live them out. 

I know I need to put the rocks in first. And then the pebbles, sand, and finally, the water finds its place. I know not to dismiss the ‘important but not urgent’ quadrant. 

Knowing something doesn’t mean I’ll manage it accordingly. There’s often tension between all the things. Trying to juggle well can feel overwhelming

Here’s what I’m working on…

Faith. It shouldn’t be at the top of the list of my priorities. In fact, it shouldn’t be a priority at all. It’s who I am, and it should be the hub of everything I do (family, work, etc.). Yes, I try to begin most days with practices to fuel my faith, but I’m working on living my days in a way  that constantly redirects me back to  to the divine. I want God’s presence to drive and impact everything. I want His truth to shape how I view everything. The center of it ALL.

Family. When I played ball, my time away from family at work was more intense, but shorter. It had a more defined starting and stopping point. Further, my family got to experience my work with me after practices or at games. Things have changed. I spend more waking hours at work than I spend with my wife and kids. But I’m learning I can be a family man first, even in this new season. We’re more intentional about our time together. I welcome Theresa’s insight and skill into my work. And sharing my work with my boys is an opportunity for me to teach them and pour into them. It doesn’t look like what it used to, but we’re learning how to do “together” in a new way. Involve them as much as possible.

Career. There’s a few irons in the fire. Primarily, I work at a wealth management firm that helps people achieve their financial goals. My job is to bring in new business, and I’m learning stewardship with money – how to best use, manage and grow one’s money. 
I’m also a college basketball analyst with the Big Ten Network. My job is to tell the “why” behind the action on the court. In both jobs, I’m learning how to improve my communication. Whether that be in a meeting, a conference room, a studio, or a stage. I’m a player on a few different teams, but the skills I’m learning are beneficial across the board. Build synergy between endeavors.

There’s no easy formula, but this is my focus. And while I hope my social feed reflects my profile, I’m mostly working so that my life reflects what matters. 

Pastor and author Mark Batterson says, “The blessings of God will complicate your life, but unlike sin, they will complicate your life in the way it should be complicated.” Marriage and kids complicate my life. Work opportunities complicate my life. But central to it all, God is using the complications to form me into a better man

Thanks for joining me in transition… 

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  1. Complicate away!! 😘

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