First, Believe.

“The only way they’ll see you like that is if that’s the only way you see yourself.”

I heard Micheal Strahan say this in an interview as he talked about retiring from the NFL and attempting new endeavors. In hindsight, his post-athletic career has out-shined his one on the field, but I know his transition wasn’t all smooth. He was struggling to see himself as more than an athlete, and therefore others still saw an NFL lineman. 

The quote is for me. I was an athlete for so long, so when I started in business, it felt inauthentic. I thought, this isn’t “me.” Business, finances, broadcasting – they may not have been what my former self did, but who says the new “me” can’t excel in these areas? The challenge is in mentally welcoming the new identities before feeling fully capable. 

This isn’t, “Fake it til you make it.” It’s committing to the process and taking yourself seriously. That commitment, not pretending, is what breeds confidence. And others will feel it only if you first believe it…I’ve had to work on this!

The quote is for anyone engaging in anything new. It’s rare to feel qualified in a new position or opportunity. There’s typically a period of transition. It’s often overwhelming. We’ll never be 100% ready.

When I got married, I wasn’t ready. When I became a dad, I definitely wasn’t ready. But I was called to those roles. 

This reminds me of something Theresa used to always tell me, “You are divinely equipped to succeed right where you’re at.” Right here. Right now. Regardless of how I feel. Because this is where I find myself, God must have a purpose in me being here.

I can either tell myself I don’t belong or that I’m not good enough or that I’m too good for this. Or, I can appreciate the responsibility this moment requires. I may or may or may not be ready, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is this is where I’m at, so I might as well play to win.

And that all starts with your mindset. Don’t worry about everyone else, they’ll come along…but you must believe it first.

I’ll finish with another quote that I love, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.”

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