Anything, Everything, Whatever…

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Have you heard this before? It’s one of those quotes that sounds great, but I’m not sure if I completely agree with it. After all, everything on my calendar or to-do list isn’t of equal importance. Some things simply deserve more of our time and energy.

I’ve said this phrase before — but only recently has this mindset disturbed me. Like many things, I blame it on my kids.

Being a parent is frightening because these impressionable little people are always watching and listening. My three boys look up to everything I do and internalize everything I say. And they’re only becoming more aware with what’s going on every passing day. They’re able to see through any phoniness on my part more and more. Now that’s an incentive to live to a higher standard!

Theresa and I have been attempting to introduce more scripture into our homes and into our boys’ hearts. One of those verses in recent weeks was Colossians 3:23,  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord and not man.”

It’s appropriate. Our twins just turned five and are going to school (pre-K) for the first time. They’ll have a couple of activities this Fall, and they have new responsibilities around the home. There’s plenty of opportunities for them to work at with all their heart — which means there’s plenty of opportunities for me to talk a big game about giving our best effort. 

The quote and the scripture, however, have been even more appropriate for me. My attempt to motivate my boys has forced me to take an honest look at myself. Am I giving my best effort and attention to all areas of my life? That answer, truthfully, has been, “No.” I can be more focused, driven and intentional across the board — in business, as a father and beyond. I’m not sure if my boys have caught on yet or not, but noticing their eyes following my every move is all the encouragement I need to raise my game.

I don’t consider the quote an actual principle. Of course, I’m going to do some things with more care than others. But I do consider it something that calls me to a higher standard of living. And for that reason, I love it. It doesn’t mean I need to be an expert in everything. That’s impossible. But here’s what I can do. I can give every endeavor my best effort. I can give every moment my best energy. I can give every person my best engagement.

I used to write Colossians 3:23 on my basketball shoes. A reminder of the privilege it was to step on the court to compete. I’m now trying to live it out in all that I do – menial tasks and conversations to major decisions and presentations. My kids will adopt more from how I live than from any motivational speech I give. 

How you do anything…Whatever you do — it’s all an opportunity and a calling to give our very best to all things and all people.

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