I’m Starting Over. Here’s Why…

I’s been a few months since my last email, but it’s time to get this going again!

In my time away, I’ve made a career change that has me more excited about my professional future than I’ve been since playing pro ball.

Here’s some quick background and an update…

Since retiring from ball, I’ve worked at good companies with some great people, and I’m still proudly affiliated with some of those businesses. But, I also felt God calling me into something different.

In prior career decisions, I elevated stability and comfort and normalcy. Not bad things, but also not what I want to be the driving factors for my future.

So after a lot of thought, prayer and discussion with my wife, I’m exercising my faith. I’m trusting my instincts. I’m betting on myself…and I dusted off the real estate license I got 7 years ago. 

There’s many reasons I’ve made these decisions → my long term vision, my desire to make connections and help others, my passion for the concept of home and all it entails, and my continued interest in the real estate industry.

Every bit as important? I’m ready to build my own thing.

The pressure is real, especially providing for a family of 6. But I’ve felt pressure before, and in some ways it feels “right.”

In college, I transferred from Dayton to Illinois. I gave up a scholarship and became a walk-on. I was in a locker room full of guys more talented than me. Nothing guaranteed. I became a starter and team captain.

In professional basketball, I signed one year contracts every season throughout my career. Nothing guaranteed. Every year, teammates of mine (with better resumes than me) were sent home for one reason or another. I played at a higher level and for longer than I ever thought.

Different arena now, but same approach. 

I’m not sure where you’re currently at. This isn’t meant to be a “quit your job” or “burn the boats” message. But I do hope it serves as encouragement for you to take another step, activate your faith, and choose growth over comfort. 

At nearly 38 years old, I’m “start

ing over.” It’s not too late for you to step into whatever you’re being called to do, too.

All the best and talk soon! 

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