One Word 2019

In 2016, I stopped making New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I began choosing one word as a mission to live out. More than something to do, it is someone to become. I wrote about it in my first ever newsletter. Below is my one word for 2019.

ASSERTIVE — If there was one word to sum up the approach I had when I played my best on the basketball court, it would’ve been assertive. When I approached the game in an assertive manner, I was focused, decisive, and had a positive, can-do mindset. While I was always a lead-by-example guy, when I was assertive I was also vocal and intentional with my words. While I always played hard, when I was assertive I also brought energy and enthusiasm to my teammates. And while I always played with good intentions, when I was assertive I also played with conviction and made confident decisions. I realize I am no longer playing ball, but I understand the same issues (good and bad) I dealt with on the court, are still present within myself in everything I do. I believe assertiveness is the mentality I need to best navigate taking on a new career and growing in the most important relationships around me. On the court, assertiveness was the difference from me being a below-average player to an impact player and leader. Off the court, assertiveness is the difference from me being just a decent guy to a purposeful difference-maker. I am excited about the growth I will experience as I place this one word at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

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