The Ultimate Win-Win (My Favorite 🏀 Memory)

My last professional basketball game was exactly 5 years ago. You know what my favorite memory from my entire career was?

No, it wasn’t playing for my dream school in college.

It wasn’t playing in the NCAA tournament.

It wasn’t a marquee game or a big individual night.

It wasn’t winning a championship overseas.

My favorite memory was being able to compete on the court and see Theresa with our boys there courtside.

Basketball was always a ‘we’ thing for us. I played. She played. We married young and left for Austria two weeks after the wedding. She played professionally that first year as well. She was always my #1 supporter and encourager – and also knew when to light a fire under me 🔥.

Athletics are a microcosm of life. The highs and lows can come fast and furious. Living abroad brought on more hills and valleys. We experienced it all, together.

After my twins were born, and we spent the better part of that year in the hospital, we decided to come home, together. I left my team midseason. I had a more important team to take care of.

We thought we were done, but we ended up heading back to France the next season. I remember looking over and finding Theresa and our boys in the crowd that first game. I couldn’t help but shed some tears – mid game 😅.

The score didn’t matter. We were winning.

Reminiscing reminds me that the scoreboard matters and goals matter and accomplishments matter…but none of that stuff really matters if they come at the expense of what and who matter most.

Go for the ultimate win-win!

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