The Game Is the Thing

“The game is the thing.”

Every few weeks, I receive a ‘production video’ email from the Big Ten Network. It’s sent out to analysts, play-by-play announcers and all individuals behind the scenes (producers, directors, videographers, statisticians, tech support, graphics, and more) for their game broadcasts. The videos discuss a number of topics such as digital graphics, positioning and use of the cameras, handling tense moments, and general best practices.

The videos highlight the good and the not-so-good. Some are impressive, some funny, and some cringe-worthy. 😬

As a newcomer to television, it’s all interesting to me. So much happens behind the scenes, and there are so many different ways of capturing moments and telling stories. In every production video, however, the theme is consistent – “The game is the thing.”

Well, duh. That should be obvious, right? Viewers tune in to watch the game after all. The game should be the thing. 

But how often do we lose sight of what should be the thing? How often are we distracted from what’s most important?

Theresa texted me the other day, and all it said was, “Eyes on where we want to go.” Just what I needed to hear! It’s normal to want to please others, and it’s easy to look at where others are going. But if my focus isn’t on the right mark, then I’ll be sure to miss it. 

The last thing any broadcast would want to happen is to miss a critical moment. But it happens.  And it happens when someone tries to do too much, gets cute, or gets distracted and forgets what it’s all about. 

What game are you (no, not others) playing? What’s your thing? Don’t miss the moment. Keep the main thing the main thing. 

Eyes on where you want to go this week! 👀

On the call for the Minnesota @ Northwestern game on 1.28.23

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