Ready Or Not??

It’s been about two months, but I’m back. And just in time for the start of a new basketball season.

Personally, I’m entering a new season as well. Our 4th child (4th boy 🤷‍♂️) is due this week!

Nothing quite competes with welcoming new life into the world, but there’s something sweet about entering any new season. Beginnings bring a fresh start. Enthusiasm and energy are abundant.

Basketball teams have been preparing for months. And at this time in the year, just about everyone is optimistic. Coaches are filled with ideas to implement. Players believe they’re primed for breakout seasons. Headlines and soundbites are positive.

It’s an exciting time. But all of that is about to change.

The competition – and the adversity that ensues – is just around the corner. The preseason is hard work, for sure. But unless there are injuries, the vibe is generally upbeat. Everyone’s getting reps. Game pressure hasn’t set in. The media and fans haven’t been able to criticize.

Ready or not, a new season is here. Game time’s just around the corner. Time to step between the lines, under the bright lights, and under pressure. Now, it means something – and that’s what makes it special.

Before my first kids (twins) were born, I somewhat mistook bringing them home as being a finality of sorts. After a challenging pregnancy and a couple months in the NICU, bringing two healthy boys home was reason to celebrate. My wife, however, knew that’s when it was just getting real.

We were entering a new season in our lives – and one that would be more challenging and more fulfilling than anything we’d ever experienced.

And today (this week 😯), we’re set to enter another new season of life. We may have raised babies before, but this will be different. All I know is my family and our lives are about to change. It won’t be all easy. It won’t be all smooth. We don’t have it all figured out. But no doubt, it’s worth it.

We can prepare all we want, but we’ll never be 100% ready or 100% certain when entering a new season. And the better the competition or the more important the mission, then the less ready we’ll likely feel.

One of the best things about being on the brink of a new season is there’s no more delay. It’s not possible to procrastinate. Ready or not? It’s about to get real. Here we go…

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