Do It With Joy

There’s a better way to send someone off before a big game, presentation, test or performance…

Don’t say, “Good luck.” It’s weak. It strips the receiver from any agency over their upcoming opportunity. I’ll catch myself saying it at times because it’s so common. For something better, try this — “Bon Courage”

And don’t say, “Have fun.” It’s weak as well. It makes being happy the focus. Fun isn’t a worthy goal. It’s fleeting and oftentimes irrelevant to the task. 

Recently, an old coach and friend (shoutout Martin!) told me to listen to an interview with Jim Nantz on the Finding Mastery Podcast. I just began doing some work as a basketball analyst with the Big Ten Network and Nantz is a broadcasting legend, so it was great timing. 

Whenever his producers or colleagues send him off with “Have fun,” Nantz always corrects them with, “Do it with joy.” In the interview, Nantz said, “Joy is something that’s real. It’s in your soul. It’s in your core. It’s who you are. That enthusiasm. That wonder and awe. That’s what I want when I come on air. I want joy.”

Do it with joy. I like that. I can do something with that.

Last week, I was in the studio getting ready for a show. I had a rundown of the different segments of the show (which I don’t completely know how to follow). The producer was in my ear with changes to the outline. I was unsure on how to pronounce someone’s name, and I was considering what I had to say on the three games we watched simultaneously. And oh yea, I was nervous as well!

Theresa shot me a text just a minute or so before the cameras rolled. It was short and to the point → “Do it with joy, Trent.” Perfect. Just what I needed. Of course I wouldn’t be perfect. But I didn’t need luck to do a good job. Nor did I need to try to have fun. I just needed to show up with joy. 

Do it with joy. I can apply that to just about anything. Doesn’t mean it’ll be easy or fun. Doesn’t mean it’ll be grand or great. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter what “it” is. I can do it with joy. So can you.

I’ll leave you with this verse (which isn’t a bad place to begin), “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.” -Philippians 4:4

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