Make It Worth It

“Daddy need not go bye-bye.”

My two year-old, Dominic, looked up and said those words as I was putting on a buttoned-down shirt one morning last week. He didn’t want me to leave for work. 

It was endearing and a bit pathetic. Kids are good for that. But his words seemed to do more than just stir up bittersweet feelings in me. 

My son’s desire for his dad to stay home with him strengthened my sense of purpose as I stepped out the door. I thought, “If I’m going to leave the people most important to me, then I better make this worth it.” 

Routines are easy places to get stuck. Motions are normal to go through. Dom’s request/demand directed my focus towards meaning. I was reminded of the Muhammad Ali quote, “Don’t count the days. Make the days count.”Make it worth it Trent…

My boy is growing — I need to grow. He is changing — I can’t remain the same. He is looking up at me — I must make his view worth it. 

Make it meaningful. The it ultimately doesn’t matter as much as the how. It’s the how which makes a difference. Do the how with meaning, and whatever it is, will be worth it. 

Every Monday – Friday morning, Dom and his brothers wave and yell goodbye to me out the front door — I must make those hours away from family worth it. And even more important, when I come home — I must make that time with family worth it.

Wherever you’re at in this season, make it worth it. 

Intern or Executive —  Make your job worth it. 
Rookie or Veteran — Make your approach worth it. 
Small Task or Big Dream — Make your discipline worth it. 

Thanks Dom for your love. You bring meaning. You continue to make it worth it.

This is worth it! 😃🙌🏼

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2 thoughts on “Make It Worth It

  1. Beautiful words Trent

    1. Thanks for reading and for the kind words Karen. All the best to you!!

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