“Good Courage”

I hate the phrase, “Good luck.” 

I know it’s well-meaning and a way to show support. I often heard it before games. But it doesn’t give me anything.

Instead, it communicates the message that success or failure are merely chance.

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of throwing it around as well. I catch myself saying “good luck”… To a player before a game. To a student before a test. To a friend before a presentation. 

The French have a saying I much prefer. “Bon courage.” 

If you type it into a translator, it’ll spit out “good luck.” But that’s incorrect. The French say “bonne chance” to wish someone good fortune. 

“Bon courage” is what’s commonly said prior to a competition, a performance, or a challenge. 

The literal translation is “good courage.” Now that’s something I can work with.

Yes, I recognize I don’t have complete control over everything. In basketball, injuries happen, referees make poor calls, and the ball can take unfortunate bounces. In life, sh*t happens. 2020 comes around and every plan I made must be adjusted.

This is why I don’t need someone to wish me luck. I need to be reminded of my courage. And I want to call out that inner-strength in others as well.

There will be fears. There will be challenges. Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.”

I don’t need to ignore the fear or wish away the challenges. In fact, at my best I embrace them. The challenge means there’s an opportunity to grow. The fear means there’s a chance to be brave. I must use the difficulty to develop myself. 

What if I did that? The positive result may look like luck. But the reality? It’s simply the meeting place of opportunity and courage.

This year has brought on challenges for all of us, and I want to leave you with some simple encouragement as you go on your day.

Bon courage mes amis!

2016 LNB Pro A Finals (Lyon, France)

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