Nothing Has Formed Me Like Fatherhood

“Fatherhood will slow you down.”

It’s what the world claims. Society says kids take away. They take your time, your money, your focus, your energy, your sleep… 

All may be true, especially sleep! But I wrestle with this message. 

I think kids give. Kids provide. Kids add. 

I’m still a rookie when it comes to being a dad. I don’t know much, but I do know this…

Nothing has formed me quite like becoming a dad has:

  • Kids are needy — which eats at my selfishness
  • Kids emulate — which requires me to be purposeful and measured with my actions
  • Kids ask “why?” — which forces me to consider my decisions and articulate my reasoning
  • Kids listen — which makes me communicate with respect, care, and truth 
  • Kids know how to have fun — which helps me let loose 
  • Kids are stubborn — which produces moments where I must be unwavering
  • Kids need direction — which provides opportunities for me to lead
  • Kids need balance — which forces me to be both loving and disciplined, both supportive and demanding
  • Kids are unique — which allows me to coach different personalities
  • Kids want attention — which means I need to be focused and engaged
  • Kids have energy — which motivates me to take care of my health
  • Kids want to learn — which creates lessons to teach in any situation
  • Kids will bargain — which promotes me to become more persuasive
  • Kids see with wonder — which changes the way I experience the world
  • Kids live in the moment — which grounds me in the present
  • Kids don’t see value by the world’s standards — which gives me a better perspective

Could I go faster without kids? Probably. 

Would I go farther? Doubt it.

I’m confident I’ll become more because of having kids.

There are plenty of honorable things to pursue in life, but I never want any of it to come at the expense of my family. Nothing is worth building more than that of a family. We may not all be called to be parents, but for those of us who are, I encourage you to prioritize the home. 

“The light that shines the farthest will shine the brightest at home.”  -Oswald J. Smith

Home isn’t holding you back. Home is where it happens. Home is where identities are formed and culture is changed.

Dad duties are a gift. I become better when I embrace EVERYTHING that comes with it — which makes me a better man out in the world.

Being a dad isn’t a sacrifice; it’s a privilege.
Being a dad isn’t a burden; it’s a blessing.

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1 thought on “Nothing Has Formed Me Like Fatherhood

  1. Beautiful, Trent!
    Happy, happy, happy Father’s Day!

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