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I wrote last week on hurry. This is about the antidote → Pace.

Pace is knowing where you want to go — and proceeding with purpose — but not rushing to get there. It reveals maturity. It takes practice and an understanding of the big picture.

Pace is intriguing because it’s different for everyone. We all have different thresholds and unique abilities.  

One of my favorite players to watch was Steve Nash. He pushed the pace for the “Seven Seconds or Less” Phoenix Suns. But he was always under control. It’s interesting that Nash was probably one of the slowest guys in the NBA, yet he was the engine for the fastest team in the league.

Pace is more about mindset than motor. It requires the wisdom and ability to give to EACH MOMENT the speed or intensity that moment requires. 

The best players play at their own pace. You can’t speed them up. They welcome the pressure. You’ve seen Nash in ball-screen action? He’s baiting two defenders to attack him because then a teammate is open.

Then an opportunity is created. Pace creates possibilities out of problems.

Far too often, I allowed an opponent’s pressure to dictate my tempo. The result? A hurried mind and limited vision.

Far too often I allow external issues to alter my inner attitude. The result? Disjointed focus and misplaced priorities.

Pace doesn’t embellish nor deny fears; it confronts them. Pace doesn’t avoid challenges; it flourishes because of them. Pace gives space to adjust. To quicken or slow. To embrace the moment. 

Pace is perspective in the middle of the process, and it goes far beyond the court…

One of the most attractive qualities in a person is someone who lives with great pace.

  • They’re productive, not busy.
  • They’re intentional, not apathetic.
  • They prioritize the important and aren’t led by the urgent.
  • They’re going somewhere but not too fast to miss the moment.
  • They’re hungry to grow but also content.
  • They have a vision but don’t forget life is in the present.

Forget the hurry. Proceed with pace.

Milan, Italy 2014

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