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I hope this message finds you doing well. I continue to lift you up in prayer during these challenging times, and I believe we will emerge stronger on the other side. 

For this installment, I want to share the news that my wife, Theresa, and I started a podcast called “Greater Than a Game.” Similar to this newsletter, it’s all about uncovering the purpose and potential in sports.

I’m excited to get other voices in on the conversation. For starters, Theresa brings a unique perspective to the world of athletics. She comes from a family of athletes: her dad was a quarterback at Notre Dame and in the NFL and all of her siblings played college basketball. More importantly, seemingly everything her family did was backward from what’s “normal” in our culture. Her thoughts and stories are incredibly insightful!

Additionally, I’m enjoying connecting with former teammates, competitors, coaches and other leaders from all over the world. Each has unique and powerful stories which I’m pumped to share. This is not about accomplishments — this is about overcoming challenges, learning to lead, transferring lessons from sports to life, and more…Here are the episodes we’ve released so far:

1. Trent and Theresa Intros
2. T & T: Genesis of the Pod
3. T & T: COVID-19’s Impact on the Sports World
4. Shawn James: From No HS/AAU Ball to Euroleague Champion and Beyond
5. T & T: Who Are You Apart From Sports?
6. David Lighty: No Bad Days and Competing With Joy
– On deck: 
7. T & T: On Staying Motivated
8: Kevin Lisch (Theresa’s brother): Family, Perspective and From the Driveway to the Olympics
*can also be found on Spotify and Buzzsprout

This is all about how we can use sports to become better on and off the court/field and impact the world around us. There’s far more to it than a box score or a final score. It’s greater than a game!

I’d love to hear feedback on the podcast or any ideas you’d like to hear discussed in the future. Please take care and keep looking up!

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