Now is an Opportunity

“Light shines brightest in the dark.” 

There is no denying these are dark times. Uncertainty and fear abound. There’s enough news outlets and individuals already covering that. Please take precaution but let’s not give in to fear. In the midst of a flood of negativity, I’m trying to change the lens through which I see. I welcome and encourage you to do so as well. Right now, hidden amidst the challenges, lies opportunity, potential, and the means to rise up…

Now is an opportunity to:

Socialize. Let’s not practice social distancing; let’s practice physical distancing. Why not reach out? Text a friend. Facetime a loved one. Praise someone on social media. Record an encouraging message. Write a note or send a picture to an elderly relative. Pray for someone over the phone.

Get serious about your health. Why not stock up on healthy options instead? Cook something fresh and different. 

Begin that workout regimen. Why not find an online program — sans equipment or gym — to give you direction? Bonus: Let your family join.

Turn your fear into faith. Why not reframe worries into prayers? Get into God’s Word. Meditate on it. Pray on it. Focus upward.

Spend time with your family. Why not use this time at home to connect with your spouse and engage your kids? Incorporate your family in your work. Develop new family routines and rhythms.

Slow down. Why not give yourself space? Spend time to simply think and dream. No agenda.

Educate yourself. Why not…take the course, read those books, or learn the new skill?

Pursue your dream. Why not write that book? Start that podcast. Draft that business plan. Create that artwork.

Spread love and not fear. Why despair when you can hope? Spread encouragement, not doubt. Seek unity, not isolation.

Support a local business. Why not pick up their food or buy a gift card? Donate to the local food bank or charity.

Get outside. We can be quarantined, but we don’t have to hibernate. Why not go outside with your kids? Ride a bike. Toss a football. Breathe fresh air.

There are great challenges ahead — but with that comes even greater opportunities. I’ve already seen the human spirit overcoming bleakness with more connection, empathy, and ingenuity. I’m inspired! I encourage you to use current adversity as fuel for growth and as a license to get creative. Take action — there’s no better time than right now…

“The Life-Light blazed out of the darkness;
the darkness couldn’t put it out.”

-John 1:5 The Message Bible

Make the most of any extra time you may have with family 😊

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In Barcelona, Spain a pianist and saxophonist duet “My Heart Will Go On” from their balconies 🙌🏼

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