Forget Resolutions…Do This Instead.


Three years ago at the beginning of 2016, I stopped setting resolutions and instead replaced all my goals with just one word. One word to anchor myself. One word on which to focus and to be mindful throughout the year. I’ve continued to maintain this same approach to the coming new year and ask myself, “What’s the one area of life I most desire to grow?” Maybe an even better question, “What’s the one area of life I most need to grow?” It’s a mission and a journey more so than a goal or resolution. At the end of the year, I won’t necessarily be able to accomplish my word, but if kept front and center, I’ll most certainly have experienced it and grown in it. Past years’ words have been enjoy (2016), present (2017), and intentional (2018). If this newsletter were to be summed up in one word, I believe it’ll be inspire. I desire to share an experience, lesson, struggle, victory or thought that will bring value and a boost of inspiration to your world…

After winning the 2017 college football national championship, Clemson Head Football Coach Dabo Swinney let everyone know the “secret” to his success. He said, “I told them that the difference in the game was going to be love. It’s been my word. My word all year has been love…We’re gonna win it because we love each other.” Love?! Not what I expected, but clearly it was impactful. One word provides clarity to a mission. One word can be powerful.

I encourage you to take some time as the new year is upon us. Think about the one area of life or one character trait you most need to experience growth in order to best lead and serve your family, team or business. This will be front and center and impact all you do. It’s not about doing; it’s about becoming.

I appreciate you joining me on this journey and welcome any feedback. Always check out my “Explore Further” section below for more resources on every installation’s topic. I would also love to hear your one word! Please reply to this email and let me know your word for 2019 and why you chose it. You can see my one word and my hopes for its impact on my life on my website

Explore Further
Coauthored by Dan Britton, Jimmy Page, and Jon Gordon, “One Word That Will Change Your Life” is a quick and easy read that details why choosing one word is so transformative and how to go through the process of uncovering that word.

Thought to Inspire
“We set to-do goals instead of to-be goals. Success (unfortunately) is measured by what we accomplish instead of who we become.”– Jon Gordon

My One Word: ASSERTIVE — If there was one word to sum up the approach I had when I played my best on the basketball court, it would’ve been assertive. When I approached the game in an assertive manner, I was focused, decisive, and had a positive, can-do mindset. While I was always a lead-by-example guy, when I was assertive I was also vocal and intentional with my words. While I always played hard, when I was assertive I also brought energy and enthusiasm to my teammates. And while I always played with good intentions, when I was assertive I also played with conviction and made confident decisions. I realize I am no longer playing ball, but I understand the same issues (good and bad) I dealt with on the court, are still present within myself in everything I do. I believe assertiveness is the mentality I need to best navigate taking on a new career and growing in the most important relationships around me. On the court, assertiveness was the difference from me being a below-average player to an impact player and leader. Off the court, assertiveness is the difference from me being just a decent guy to a purposeful difference-maker. I am excited about the growth I will experience as I place this one word at the forefront of my thoughts and actions.

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12 thoughts on “Forget Resolutions…Do This Instead.

  1. Transparent – Learning to communicate clearly such that others are kept informed so they know they are valued as part of a “team”.

    1. Love it! So important for leaders. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My word is Learn. I chose this word because every experience good or bad gives us the opportunity to learn.

    1. Truth! And often the more challenging experiences provide even greater opportunities to learn.

  3. Persevere- keeps me strong in will for striving, seeking and finding ways to get better each day

  4. My word is Strength. Not only physical but mind and spirit so that I can be used for and by God!

    1. Great stuff Loren. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Self-confidence. Don’t be afraid for nothing and be sure i’m able to find a solution.

    1. I like it – something I learned while playing ball is that if I don’t have any confidence in myself and my abilities, then why would my teammates ever look to me or trust me…Or why would my coach ever play me?

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